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I agree, but was outvoted on the Signage Panel.  I pointed out the names in West Cornwall where assibilation of the generic element was suppressed by an initial R of the qualifying element:  Bodrifty, Bodriggy and Redruth among them.
The correct form in SWF should be <Redrudh>.  <Ewni Redrudh> or <Ewny Redrudh> would be even better (Unyredreth 1563), but even here, the Panel illogically preferred <Uni> for the saint's name.  That U could represent a number of sounds, whereas <Ew-) is well attested, and unambiguous.

Another feature of place-name evidence is the apparent protection of B to P after a generic ending with -S, e.g.: Rospannel (banadhel); Rospeath (bygh); Rospletha (bleydh); Nan(s)pean (bian).  My feeling is that these should be respected and not hyper-corrected to B- forms.


On 2017 Whe 10, at 16:08, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> The official name for Redruth is Resrudh, which is phonetically unlikely.
> In Cornish the consonant cluster -dr- was never assibilated.
> This can be seen in godros, pedry, edrek, ladra, etc.
> It can also be seen in the name for Modred in BK. 
> This is written variously Moddras, Modres, Modreth (with th for s).
> Never is the internal cluster assibilated although the last segment shows d > s.
> In the Old Cornish period a lenis -d- was assibilated to -d-, e.g. bochodoc >bohosek.
> Immediately before r however a lenis d was strengthened to a fortis and thus did
> not assibilate. 
> Redruth in OC would have remained Redruth in Middle Cornish.
> Resrudh is, I believe, incorrect.
> I have attempted to explain the question of the assibilation of -d-, -nt- and -lt- in my
> recent book The Cornish Consonantal System:
> https://www.amazon.com/Cornish-Consonantal-System-Implications-Revival/dp/1782011854
> I think Ponswarda could be used as a variant.
> Resrudh should not be used at all.
> Nicholas
>> On 10 Feb 2017, at 14:29, Harry Hawkey <bendyfrog at live.com> wrote:
>> How long do you think it will take them to replace the official form of 
>> 'Ponswad' with this new word? A couple of days at the most, right?
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