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Craig wheg, 

Òtta dhewgh geryow o treylya Sowsnek “bet” a veu kevys genam: 

ev a vydh ena my a’n vow phr., he’ll be there I bet. 

tra certan ywa; certan ywa phr., it’s a safe bet. 

ow gaja dhis na yll’ta y wul phr., I bet you can’t do it. 

gorra mona war phr., to bet money on, gamble on, (gamble) back. 

gostel m., gostlow pl., pledge, vow, surety, hostage, pawn, security, wager, collateral, ante, bet, promise; enkressya an gostel phr., to up the ante; gostel tir m., land mortgage; avel gostel phr., (finance) collateral; {UC gwystel; KK goestel; RLC gwistel; UCR gwystel; C guistel (VC), †guystel (Lh), †guistel (Pr); cf. B gouestl; W gwystl}. 

gostla vbn., pledge, wager, stake, bet, lay bet, become surety, engage, pawn, hock, punt, impawn, hypothecate; gostla war phr., to gamble on, wager on; shoppa gostla m., betting office, pawnshop, betting-shop, bookmaker’s shop; gostla pup fordh phr., hedge one’s bets; {UC gwystla; KK goestla; UCR gwystla; KS gustla; C gustle (PA, Pr); (vb.adj.) gostlys (BK); (3sg.pres.-fut.) wostel (BK); cf. B gouestlañ; W gwystlo}. 

kenwostel m., kenwostlow pl., bet, wager; {KK kenwoestel}. 

kenwostla vbn., bet, wager; {UC kenwystla; KK kenwoestla; UCR kenwystla}.

kessynsy, kessenjy vbn., to bet, wager, gamble, lay a wager, (wager) stake; {UC kessynsy, kessynjy; KK kessynsi; RLC gusendzhi, gusenjy; UCR kessensy, kessenjy; C gusendzhi (WB)}. 

me a vedn kessenjy phr., I’ll bet, I’ll wager. 


> On 12 Feb 2017, at 11:23, Ray Chubb <ray at spyrys.org> wrote:
> In a recent family discussion the Cornish word for 'a bet' was required. I couldn't remember the word so I put forward on the spur of the moment, 'wājer'.
> On looking at dictionaries I find that the word 'gwystel' is not really very satisfactory with more of the meaning a pledge and 'kessensyans' is not much better. We have in Cornish the word 'wāja' at P.C. 1187 to mean a wage. Bearing in mind the origin of the word 'wage', I see nothing wrong with extending 'waja' to 'wajer' meaning 'a bet'.
> Ray Chubb
> Portreth
> Kernow

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