[Spellyans] Diacritics that distinguish homographs

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Here are some that occur to me. A few of them according to my own usage.


a ‘various particles; from’; â ‘present indicative of mos; exclamation’

bedh ‘grave; imperative of bos’; bëdh ‘present habitual / future indicative of bos’

bes ‘future indicative of pêsya, 2nd state’; bës ‘digit; world’

bo ‘present subjunctive of bos’,; bò ‘or’

brest ‘breast’; brèst ‘brass’

càn ‘shining white’; cân ‘song’

cok ‘cock’; côk ‘fishing smack’

col ‘divination’; còl ‘summit’

colyn ‘whelp’; côlyn ‘coal (on fire)’

cost ‘coast’; còst ‘cost’

cren ‘shudder’; crèn ‘round’

cur ‘choir; care’; cûr ‘boundary’

da ‘your’; dâ ‘good’

el ‘angel’, èl ‘name of letter L’

en ‘imperfect indicative of bos’, èn ‘name of letter N’

er ‘fresh; eagle; word 2nd state’; èr ‘name of letter R’

es ‘ease; easy; present indicative of bos’; ès ‘than; name of letter S’ 

eth ‘eight’, êth ‘present indicative, preterite tense forms of mos’

fest ‘feast’; fèst ‘very’

gas ‘future indicative / imperative of gasa’, gàs ‘your; gas’

ha ‘and’; hâ ‘exclamation’

hes ‘swarm; hës ‘length’

ke ‘fence’; kê ‘imperative of mos’

les ‘width; interest’; lës ‘court’

mas ‘good’; ma’s ‘only (with negative)’ if you count apostrophe as diacritic

mes ‘acorns; out; thumb (archaic)’; mès ‘but’

na ‘negative particle’; nâ ‘no’

o ‘imperfect indicative of bos’; ô ‘exclamation’

own ‘fear’; ôwn ‘future indicative / imperative of ôwna’

pal ‘spade’; pâl ‘pall’

pe ‘imperfect subjunctive of bos, 4th state’; pê ‘pay’

pes ‘future indicative /imperative of pêsya’; pës ‘paid; and in fixed phrase pës dâ’

po ‘present subjuntive of bos, 4th state’; pò ‘or’

por ‘pore; future indicative / imperative of pory’; pòr ‘very’

pot ‘pot’; pôt ‘kick’

pur ‘pure’; pûr ‘snot’

res ‘must; series; future indicative / imperative of resek; preterite tense of ry; particle’; rës ‘ford; past participle of ry’

rev ‘oar’; rèv ‘presumption’

us ‘chaff’; ûs ‘future indicative / imperative of ûsya’

war ‘wary’; wàr ‘on’


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Which Cornish words, when written in KS, would be homographs were it not for diacritics?


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