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I prefer to spell brèst ‘breast’ with a short vowel. 
The word is brust (i.e. brùst) in brustplat RD 2591. 
If the <u> is not dialectal in English < West Saxon -eo-, then it has been rounded inside Cornish.
Compare truspys ‘trespass’ at BM 1116.
A long e is unlikely to have been rounded though a short one might easily have been rounded by the surrounding
r and labials.
Brest ‘brass’ we know only, I think, from Lhuyd and he spells the word <brêst> at AB: 109b.
I believe therefore that we should continue to spell the thoracic brest as brèst and the metallic one as brest.


> On 20 Aug 2018, at 17:18, <iacobianus at googlemail.com> <iacobianus at googlemail.com> wrote:
> It is certainly useful to have KS brèst ‘chest’ orthographically distinguished from KS brest ‘brass’, so long as a spelling pronunciation of both words can be authentic.

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