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The SWF dictionary has a word for Frenkes ‘Frenchwoman’. It also gives the plural Frenkyon ‘Frenchmen’.
Later it gives "Frynkyon n.m. Frenchman”. This is a mistake. The form is clearly plural and means ‘Frenchmen’.
In the dictionary it appears that no word is given for ‘Frenchman’ in the singular.

The dictionary gives Rom for a 'male Romany’, Romes ‘female Romany’, Romanian for ‘Romanian man’ and Romanianes ‘Romanian woman’.
The dictionary does not seem to give any word for Roman, Romans. The word Romans ‘Romans’ is attested x 8 in traditional Cornish:

in y epistyll then romans TH 4a
S Pawle thyn romans an iii-a chapter TH 7a
in kynsa chapter thyn romans TH 14
paul thyn romans ow kull mencion 14a
ow declaria thyn romans TH 25
An Romans a vyth wystyys 2136 BK
Merough ple ma an Romans BK 2808
durt an Romans meskez gen a Brittez NBoson.

There appears to be no word given either for Saxon or Saxons. But the plural is attested in the texts:

duk an Saxens BK 3230 
an Saxons a ve spredys drys oll an wlas TH 51.

The compilers of the dictionary could not simply be confining themselves to modern population names, since
there are still Romans and Saxons. Moreover they cite Ejyptek ‘Egyptian language, which must mean Coptic,
or ancient Egyptian, which is extinct. Egypt speaks Arabic. They also give Gothek ‘Gothic language’ which is extinct. 

The SWF dictionary gives Godhal ‘Irishman’, pl. Godhyli. This latter form is unattested. Lhuyd’s form is Guidhili AB: 242c.

The dictionary cites Almayn ‘Germany. Almayn is attested once RD 2147. A commoner name in the texts is Germany:

ran in Germany a levery TH 32
Merowgh inweth war germany TH 49a
the whelas myns a geffa a bagans in Germany BK 3231-32.

The compilers give Bangladesh for the country. No word is given for Bangladeshi.
The Dictionary gives Brasil for Brazil but no word for Brazilian.

One might query Arghantinek “Argentinian". The word Argentine is already an adjective; cf. the Argentine Republic.

The dictionary gives Brussel for Brussels. The name Rom ‘Rome’ is not given. Rom in the dictionary, as noted, is Romany.
Rome the city is spelt both Rom and Rome in the texts and is attested about 60 times.

Under enys the dictionary gives Enys Vanow Isle of Man and Enys Morris Mauritius. There seems to be no entry for Isle of Wight.

Under Greece they give Pow Grek. This is unattested. The attested name is Grece: 
Myghtern Grece ove o’m towr BK 2417.

The name for Iceland is attested: Me ew myghtern in Island BK 1450. 
The dictionary, however, gives *Rewenys, an invented form.

The dictionary give Italek Italian language. How would they speak of the Italic languages, e.g. Umbrian, Oscan, Latin, etc?
How would they describe italics?

The dictionary has a word for China and Chinese, but no word for Chinese man or Chinese woman.  
There seems to be no entry for Japan, Japanese, Japanese language.

A Catalan is Katalan, but the Catalan language is Katalonek. Why the vowel change? Why not Katalanek?

Under Kernow they do not mention that the name can also refer to Cornouailles/Kernev. 
Cf. Me yv epscop in breten in conteth gelwys kernov ‘I am bishop in Brittany in a county called Cornouaille’ BM 511-12.

Keresk ‘Exeter’ is well attested, Lhuyd, Tonkin. one might have expected an entry.

The dictionary cites Moldova Moldova and Moldavian male Moldavian, etc. Moldavians are citizens of Romania. Why is there no Moldovan, man from Moldova? 

The dictionary cites Norgagh, which is attested in BK, and Norgaghek Norwegian language. 
There are no entries for Norse or Nordic. 

Several geographical names are cited under Pow. Pow an Flemmen ‘Flanders’ JTonkin is not included.
They give Pow an Sowson and Pow Sows. Pow Sows is not attested in traditional Cornish.

The dictionary gives Alban for Scotland. This form is known only from Lhuyd who took it from Welsh. The dictionary does not cite the name of the country attested in the texts:

Me ew body dyspusond, Augel, myghtern in Scotland BK 1279-80
a Thowr Hombyr the Scotland BK 3237
Now, myghtern Scotland, Augel, ha Syr Gawen ew maraw BK 3284-85.

Although the dictionary includes names for Bosnia, Serbia, Albania, Norway, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, and Iceland, they do not seem to have included Luxembourg or Cyprus.


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